Installation Guide

STEP 1: Select the correct size of T-Bolt

NEXO offers several sizes of T-Bolt. Please select the correct size of T-Bolt best matches with your rom.

Please put T-Bolt inside of your rim, and rotate T-Bolt till fixed in the rim as the illustration below.

STEP 2: Insert T-Bolts into every installation hall

Insert T-Bolts into every installation hall.

T-Bolt must be installed completely to secure your biking.

STEP 3: Mount NEXO tire

Grip NEXO tire with your rim.

Tips: To click one T-Bolt in your rim first will ease tire mounting process.

With the help from Installation Bar, mount the rest part of NEXO tire on yor rim. Make sure the bead of NEXO tire is properly set in your rim.

STEP 4: Click every T-Bolt into the rim

Press T-Bolt into your rim till hear the sound "CLICK".

Tips: Arrows show the direction of your force.

Dismount the tire

Method 1: Use a pair of scissors to destroy the tire and remove it directly.

Method 2: Use the free NEXO tire installation tool enclosed to prod the space between the tire and the rim. After removing three to four T-Bolt clasps, you will be able to remove the NEXO tire with ease.